Thsi week weโ€™re welcoming back one of our sponsors, itโ€™s Bugsee! Allowing our users to report bugs is a crucial part of our . We can release builds through TestFlight, but what about allowing our users to report issues they encounter? Today weโ€™ll check out Bugseeโ€™s SDK and how it can help us super-charge this process. Letโ€™s take a look.

What is ?

Bugsee is a SDK. It gives us truly effective debugging. It changes how we receive bug and crash reports from our users. Weโ€™re going to be using it on , but it works just as well on Android and on the Web!

How Does it Work?

After we integrate Bugsee into our app, our users can simply snap a screenshot to report a bug. (We can also configure different methods of reporting like shaking the device, etc.)

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Bug reports include video of the last minute, full events log, console logs and network traffic logs along with all environment details.

For crash reports, Bugsee will include the full video leading up to the crash, including the reason, method, as well as the file and number that caused the crash.

Bugseeโ€™s viewer will allow us to review the video synchronized with all system events and logs. We can essentially โ€œplay backโ€ a complete recreation of what was going on right before a crash or bug report occurred. Super neat!


Bugsee is straightforward to install, itโ€™s just one line of code (and it passes all App Store checks):


Bugsee also integrates with our bug tracking systems, dramtically speeding up QA and debugging round trips, hours for both engineering and QA teams alike.

- 258 sponsor 2 - Weekly Sponsor: Bugsee ๐Ÿž – Little Bites of Cocoa – Tips and techniques for iOS and Mac development

Bugsee doesnโ€™t impact the performance of our UI, and doesnโ€™t consume network bandwidth (no streaming). The SDK also automatically obscures secure fields in our app. Nice!

Mobile developers have needed a complete solution like Bugsee for quite some time. Signup right now at for a free lifetime account.

A huge thanks to Bugsee for sponsoring this weekโ€™s !

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