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It has always been a dream since I was little to have my own home cinema. However, projectors are not cheap. What if I said you could win one with The Red Ferret? That would be cool aye?

The Paick projector is not the most expensive piece of at almost 200$, but it’s a cool projector to start with. It has HDMI input, VGA, sd card slot, USB and a headphone input. It doesn’t have the most amazing quality, but for the price it’s more than decent.




  • It’s a good projector for the price
  • Looks great up to 1
  • Perfect for watching movies
  • Very well built, it’s sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • Not that good in low light situations
  • Not Full HD via PS4 for example
  • You can’t zoom in or out
  • Some Amazon reviews mention that this projector can have a dirty lens. Mine didn’t, so no real con there for me
  • Not amazing for gaming

- 61SBHNjg4qL - We’re Giving Away a Projector! + Discount Code!


The Paick projector is not world’s best or competition to BenQ projectors. However, it’s a more than decent projector for the price. They say it can project in 1080p, but mine only went to 480p, not sure if it was due to my PS4 and if it would make a difference using a pc for example. Still, when the room was completely , the quality is good. It’s definitely usable when you’re looking for a first projector or for something in the kids room for example. We’re on away on our channel (check video above) and we also have a 20% : 8VHLGTMS. You can find the Paick projector here.

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