You come up with an idea. You think about it, talk it through, and then start working on it. Hopefully you’ve done some testing and some research. Then you start designing/, and one day you realize that what was once a simple concept now has tons of features and use cases.

This happens because of fear.

Fear that the core value of your product/service isn’t enough to get your customer to pay you for it. Usually this fear is justified, and if it is, added features won’t help.

Feature creep is a sign that, deep down, you don’t think your idea is enough, and you’re trying to throw value at it rather than reworking the core value/experience.

So take a long, hard look at your project. Is it a little more bloated and less simple than it was before? Have you been hit by feature creep?

Throw away all of features that aren’t relevant to the core value. Do some user testing on the core value itself and measure NPS or whatever else you want to use.

Form hypotheses as to why NPS isn’t good enough. Use that to iterate and repeat testing as necessary until that number is good enough and then fucking ship it.

Because even the massively profitable, bloated juggernauts out there started as focused companies delivering focused value.

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