Any help with my startup would be appreciated .

To summarize. I started a subscription for runners using cratejoy and my custom domain.
The prices are $19, $29, or $59 for 3 different sizes. The box is monthly and contains running gear,snacks, and all that!

I own an instagram account that is pretty big in the running community, with a 17% engagement rate on 11.1K followers. I polled them and 80% of 800 that answered said they’d be interested. I leverage my big account to promote my new instagram page (the one for my subscription box) and have 500 followers in about a week. Website is up, multiple people have expressed interest.

I have had 549 people visit my storefront, 89 people make it to the checkout……. and 1 prepaid 1 month one purchase…. so it wont even be recurring.

What could be wrong, I worry that whatever isn’t converting them has scared them off for good. In college I am an Analytics and these numbers are very simply … bad.

Advice ? Things to check? Shipping costs them an additional $ maybe thats the problem idk

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