Hi guys, my database knowledge is a little bit rusty so googling best open source database to do readonly and allow filtering didn’t go as expected.

Hope you guys could guide me in the right direction. This are some of the requirements:

1) Only 1 Table.

2) There’s no need to update previously existing values.

3) We write new rows to the table every day at night.

4) It’s OK if Table is unusable or slow while number 3) is happening.

5) Table will never have more than 1,000 million rows.

6) Table has columns which are all UUIDs from another database.

7) VERY IMPORTANT! We should be able to use filter by any columns in number 6).

8) The number of different UUIDs per column in number 6) will usually be between 3 to 20.

9) Would be nice to be able to create the Query in number 7) on the fly. Example:

// there could be from 0 to 10 ANDs here

whereClauseCreatedOnTheFly =
column1 = ?
column2 = ?
any-other-column = ?

query = SELECT * FROM my-only-table WHERE ${columnFiltersCreatedOnTheFly};

Thank you so much for reading.

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