- plum light pads - What smart switches are a good replacements for Plum Light Pads? – Stacey on IoT

During the voicemail part of our IoT Podcast this week, we heard from Ed, who currently owns a number of Plum Light Pads.

These switches aren’t just nice to look at with their minimalistic design; they can monitor energy usage, don’t require a hub, act as dimmers and they have a unique LED ring around the paddle switch. You can customize those ring colors and they make it very easy to find the switch in the dark.

- plum light pads - What smart switches are a good replacements for Plum Light Pads? – Stacey on IoT

So why did Ed call? Well, the Light arrived via a Kickstarter project and it doesn’t appear that you can buy them any longer from the company. In fact, we haven’t heard from them in around a year, so it’s not clear if they’re even still in business. Ed is also experiencing some “inconsistency” in how they work for home. Ed wants to know what viable replacements would be optimal if he either wanted more switches or wanted to swap them out.

That’s tricky, mainly because we couldn’t find any options that have the same LED ring around the switch. Instead, most switches either have no LED light or they have a much smaller one. Additionally, very few smart switches monitor energy, likely because they typically operate low-powered bulbs. Smart outlets are the traditional use case for energy monitoring devices and appliances that use far more electricity.

Having said that, here’s a range of possible options with MSRPs:

While there’s no true one-to-one replacement for Plum switches, depending on which features Ed wants vs. the ones he can live without, there are plenty of choices. Our advice? Make a list of features in priority order and see which products meet the top few requirements.

For the full question and our conversation, tune in below to this week’s podcast.

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