Hello Guys! how are you all doing? I’ve recently received emails asking about the blog and its future, so I decided it was to explain here what I’m working on and why I’m no longer writing on .it.

It’s been a long time since the last article — 2 years! — and to me this has been a clear indication that I’m not interested in maintaining this blog anymore. It’s not that I’m no longer passionate about iOS in general: it is still my day job! In the meantime though a new interest has grown on me since the day I released my first video-game for iOS, Linia.

“Coding your own video game is easier than you think” they said.

With this (oh so wrong) assumption, a huge passion for video-games and a game already on the (virtual) shelves, I decided to raise the bar and aim at the PC and console worlds with a new project called The Mirror’s End. This new endeavor has been literally eating away all my free time and energy, and before I could realize it, my focus had entirely shifted to this new project, leaving ThinkAndBuild behind.

It is sad for me to write this and admit (mainly to myself) that I won’t write about iOS anymore. I still have to decide about the future of ThinkAndBuild though: maybe I could write about my new project… or I could just say goodbye to the blog with this very article.

Either way, I want to thank you all for your support. I’ve truly appreciated all your emails and your messages on social media all these years! It has been a rewarding and interesting adventure and I’m truly satisfied with the results achieved so far.

Last but not least a huge thanks goes to Nicola Armellini, a good friend who helped with his suggestions and the editing of my articles.

Ciao ciao:)
A presto


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