So all I see online are ads and ads for low credit scores and terrible APRs. Traditional banks wanting 2 years of business existence/revenue. etc.

I’m creating a product (video game) and I hire contractors out as well as my own work (I work in the game industry, 7 years now). I’m on track to create it with my own funds, I’ve used $10k so far, but since it’s a product that has a specific amount of work into it, I want to fast track it to release earlier and bypass the crutches of using my own personal income.

I make $153k/yr (salary job & rental properties). 2 mortgages, almost no debt aside from $20k in student loans (and the mortgages). Don’t want to pull equity out of houses, I’ve only owned one for 2 years and the other 6 months. I have about $150k in credit lines available, but they’re credit cards so the APRs are garbage 20% etc.

So where can I get the best rates and the best overall terms? I’m a great candidate to lend to, I just don’t know where to get that best deal. My CPA also referred me to an LLC guy so we’re going to get that setup in January. Don’t know the details about that yet.

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