I’ve been doing some research into libraries or tools to use for a certain task:

  1. Java has received a name of a file, X/Y coordinates and timestamp. Assume the file is on the local filesystem.
  2. The app needs to be able to open the video file in the background, go to specified timestamp, and take a screenshot where the X/Y coordinates are at the center and there is a radius of some number of pixels.
  3. The screenshot is then rendered in the app and likely to the filesystem.

Most video player libraries don’t really seem capable of doing this type of task. MediaCodec and FFmpeg seem to be two options but at least FFmpeg has some patent/license issues and I’ve only used it with Python on a server, not with an Android app. Aside from ease of use the other consideration would be trying to make sure running this task in the background doesn’t cause the app to freeze up which would probably mean a with a relatively light memory footprint would be best.

Would appreciate any tips!

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