Comment from Sudhesh Giriyan, COO of Money:

“While consumers may be inconvenienced by Link’s decision to reduce the number of free ATMs across the UK, many organisations, such as banks, FinTechs, remittance services and technology platforms, have already begun deploying alternative ways to access and spend money, without a reliance on cash. Facebook’s recent move into peer-to-peer payments is a shining example that even companies not traditionally associated with finance are making it as convenient as possible for consumers to send and receive money.  

“The UK has only just begun its transformation towards a cashless society, but there are already some great success stories across the world. From Sweden’s payments network, with just 1% of all national transactions now via cash; to China and its dependence on social channels and QR codes, with even those in need asking for donations via digital wallets. This move away from free ATMs is another gentle nudge to encourage consumers to embrace new payment technology.”

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