By now you’ve probably heard of Dollar Shave Club. They entered the in 2011 and disrupted the traditional razor by significantly lowering the price of replacement razor heads.  They were so successful that Unilever bought them for a cool $1 billion in 2016.

Now, enter Burst, an electric toothbrush. The space has long been owned by stalwarts such as Oral-B and Sonic Care. Both of which have charged a premium for their top tier electric toothbrushes.

Burst plans to lower that barrier to entry, which is effectively a lower price, for what is still a premium electric toothbrush. Moreover, their model includes a subscription that conveniently ships their a new, fresh toothbrush head every 3 months.

The Burst Toothbrush Price

First things first: price. The Burst toothbrush, which comes in white or black, costs $69.99. You can apparently buy it through a dental professional and that prices drops to $39.99. I’m not sure how that works, but presumably, they’re kicking back the dentist $30 for the sub.

The toothbrush head, the one that arrives at your doorstep every 3 months, costs $6 (every 3 months). Which for simplicity’s sake is $ a . So for the first , you’ll be paying $88.

The Burst Toothbrush Features and Head

Burst Electric Toothbrush  - burst toothbrush - Whitening Charcoal Heads For $18 Year

Burst Electric Toothbrush – $69.99 + $18 a year for new heads

Second: the toothbrush. At a quick glance, I would be hard pressed to discern between this and my Sonic Care DiamondClean toothbrush. That’s a good thing.

Moreover, and much like that toothbrush, this one has three cleaning modes: sensitive, and massage.

Setting it apart from the aforementioned, is a toothbrush head that’s bristles are made from Japanese charcoal. They’re said to increase whitening effectiveness.

And much like the big boys, the Burst includes the must-have features of today’s electric toothbrush:  a 2 minute timer with a 30-second quadrant notifier, a charging dock + a battery that lasts for 4-weeks on a single charge, a USB plug ( for travel) with a wall adapter, and a toothbrush head that vibrates 33,000 times per minute. That’s 66k vibrations on your teeth during your 2-minute cleaning routine, which should all but guarantee your gums and teeth are clean as could be.

If You’re Not Brushing Your Teeth With a Burst…

Then you’re missing out. Why? Because everyone should be using an electric toothbrush. Even if it’s not the Burst. But keep in mind, that for any toothbrush to be effective, truly effective, you need a new head with some regularity. And that’s the beauty of Burst. They’ll ship you a new head every 3 months for just $18 a year.

My best guess is that you spending times that on coffee. Which stains your teeth like nothing else. And Burst even has white strips for that now.

Need an Electric Toothbrush? Check Out Burst Electric Toothbrush: Whitening Charcoal Heads For $18 Year

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