Microsoft fends off 7 trillion cyberthreats per , and allocates over $ each year to cybersecurity. TechRepublic spoke with Azure Government CISO Matthew Rathbun to discuss where that money is spent.

Most of Microsoft’s cybersecurity budget goes toward innovation. “The cloud is really an inflection point where we’re dramatically changing how we think about cybersecurity,” Rathbun said. “We’re not doing a traditional model, this is not paying staff, it is focusing on how can we do better.”

The only way a can process 7 trillion events per day is through automation and big analytics, he added. The also tries to reduce human touch in every area they can.

“Ninety percent of my threat landscape starts with a human, either maliciously or inadvertently, making a mistake that somehow compromises ,” said Rathbun. “In an ideal state, we’re going eventually end up in a world where there’ll be zero human touch to an Azure production environment.”

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