I have an for a “two .

The first one would simply collect and maybe send out messages. It would have to be very fast and the elements would be small, maybe 3 fields. The would be extracted by the 2nd server that would crunch the numbers and return statical analysis that would be used elsewhere.

The front server data could be tossed out after the summaries are done. You can think of this like sales data where you’d toss the item data after all the summaries are done. So the front server could collect tons of data, then dump it every week. One of the concerns is the front data isn’t that important, the back data is because of how it’s ̵;crunched’.

I don’t know which layout would be best, but I don’t want the 2nd server to be accessible by anyone but me so that it really couldn’t be hacked. The 1st server would be generally accessible with normal login.

IDK what volume FB can handle or if large volume would be better with something else.

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