Scott Hebner, vice president of marketing for IBM Analytics and AI, spoke with Dave Vellante in New York City on the eve of the 13 taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast. He summarized the IBM AI strategy in terms of a series of four systematic steps to get for AI.

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R;This is not just an evolution. It’s a pretty big change, especially in the value it can provide businesses. What AI is going to do is help us make much better decisions by getting to data that was previously unobtainable. We know that only 15 percent of companies are getting what they need, yet most businesses are on 80 percent that’s either inaccessible, unanalyzed or untrusted. What the is starting to tell us is that AI is the way to unlock the value of their data.”

This is one of six interviews on theCube you can watch to gain valuable insights from leaders and clients who are on the journey to AI. 

Don’t miss the replay of the #WinWithAI digital broadcast featuring industry leaders from Experian, Geisinger, GuideWell, Nedbank, Niagara Bottling and Mueller.

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