- I3B2241 2048x2048 - ZeroWater – Make Tapwater Taste AWESOME! [REVIEW]

If you’re a bit into a regular lifestyle, then you probably know that a bit of water now and then is good for you, but did you know that your tap water isn’t the best option?

I actually didn’t, but I don’t like tap water anyway so I don’t drink it. However, since I’ve been using the ZeroWater – believe it or not – I’ve been drinking tap water since – purified tap water to be clear. The filters the tap water via it’s filter and it just tastes perfectly fresh and clean. Nice!


  • Not expensive
  • Water looks and tastes fresh and clean
  • You can keep using it until the filter is worn out
  • Easy to use
  • It can fit 7 cups in this one, but you have bigger versions as well
  • You money on buying water


  • You need to buy a new filter after a while

- I3B2298 2048x2048 - ZeroWater – Make Tapwater Taste AWESOME! [REVIEW]


This is actually a pretty good idea: instead of buying bottled water, you can just use this and keep drinking tap water with the of bottled water. That’s really what this is and it’s not a joke. I was expecting a bit better water than the regular metallic I get from my tap water, but this just tastes like really expensive water – Chaudfointaine as an example (Google it, it’s famous). I was sceptic, but eventually impressed by how clear the water looks after filtering. You can keep using this until the filter wears out and you have a measuring tool to measure the cleanness of the water. You can find the ZeroWater here.

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