Nowadays, we no longer ask whether a will happen; instead we ask when it will take place.

So you have to ask yourself:

Am I ?

We know we are thanks to the Zombie Apocalypse Blades from Zombie Tools LLC. Each of these blades are forged in Montana sourcing all materials in the US whether they are steel, Kydex, aluminum, and even grommets.

What’s impressive about these survival blades is that they can actually do the work, meaning they can really protect you from the dead invaders if you know how to use them properly. According to Zombie Tools, “Our blades are burly, sharp and durable. They are made for use, not for show.”

The Sharkalope

- sharkalope - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades – InStash

This is a mash-up of different knife designs. And when we say different, we mean diversely different designs of knives from various places in the world.

It weighs less than lbs. and is 6 inches long, making it very for quick strikes and sharp enough to actually cut your zombie attacker’s limb in half.

The Mauler

- the mauler catalog2 - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades – InStash

If you love the Malaysian karambit, you’ll definitely adore Zombie Tools’ take on it. While Karambit is originally designed for agriculture, the Mauler turns “your naked monkey paw into a beast commanding respect.”

It measures 4.5 inches and is made of 5160 steel.

The Kraken

- kraken catalog new - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades – InStash

This is Zombie Tools’ rendition of the Norse war ax. It weighs about 4 lbs and measures 27 inches long. The Kraken has two bites: the “sabre grind” and the “scandi grind.” The latter is the less sharp blow but also has more piercing power.

The Reaver Cleaver

- zombie tools reaver cleaver sheath - Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades – InStash

If you need to cut and slice faster using a relatively light weapon while making sure you have enough reach, the Reaver Cleaver is for you.

It’s about the same length as the Mack Daddy-O, which is about 42 inches, but it’s about one pound lighter.

Also, it’s “full-tang, heat-treated to a Rockwell of 55, sharpened, sheathed and the shit.”

For more of the latest Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades, visit the link below.


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