iot network  - IoT network 640x480 - Denmark completes nationwide rollout of IoT network
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In Denmark, telecommunications Teracom in partnership with infrastructure firm Loriot have completed the of a nationwide IoT LoRaWAN network.

Martin Lobel, CEO of Teracom, said: “The interest for IoT
solutions and the demand for -of-things connectivity is growing
dramatically in Denmark. Teracom is fully committed to provide full coverage to
the whole country and the roll-out is almost completed. Loriot’s network server
solution allows us to easily set-up and manage such a large network and enables
our to scale their applications.”

Loriot will provide IoT network management services to
ensure optimal performance, flexibility, gigh standards and compliance
with local regulations.

The IoT network and services will be used for
metering, smart farming, smart city and smart buildings applications.

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