If you mean, do you the original size image (@1x), when I’ve already included the @2x and @3x version, I’d say, it depends…

Since my come from hi-res bitmaps or vector , the first step is scaling it down. Do I do any more work to clean it up other than scaling? Usually, yes if it has any fine lines that would disappear or at least become blurry with anti-aliasing. If so, I will include the original image.

So if most (all?) iOS 12 compatible have a display, why bother with the original size if I am just scaling it (and it doesn’t need touching up). Because I don’t know what Apple is going to do with the their standards for interface elements or icons. Maybe in iOS 13 a new multitasking mode will wind up using @1x elements when having multiple on-screen.

The assets are usually very , so it hasn’t been an issue of bloat. If it needs touchups, it’s a must. And otherwise, it’s just to protect my in future compatibility uses. Not a big thought on my part.

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