Hackster’s head hacker Alex Glow can guarantee she’ll never need to use her headphones again. Why, you ask? Her music, telephony, and AI interfaces are all located beneath her skin! The also allows her to download Hackster projects directly into her brain.

Glow has a long history in pushing technological boundaries, with an aspiration to become a fully augmented human cyborg. She’s now one step closer, thanks to a revolutionary open source device we’ve developed in-house at Hackster Labs®.

The HackJack️ combines a DSP chip, an Arm Cortex M0rpheus microcontroller, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and NeoSound™ audio by Hackster Labs — a breakthrough technology that enables you to listen to stereo music, whisper to your AI assistant, and instantly learn practically anything.

Glow recently underwent a simple surgical procedure at the University of Silicon Valley Medical Center, where researchers used an “organic skin” along with a hypoallergenic metal enclosure that is perfectly insulated for the moisture-sensitive electronics.

The HackJack v2 will radically change how Glow interacts with the world around her:

“I no longer need to pull out my phone to find out about the weather — the built-in assistant handles all that with a simple voice command. Plus, instead of staring at screens all the time, I can download the information I need directly to my physical memory!” — Alex Glow

The HackJack’s specs include a normal input of 30mW, a maximum input of 0mW 70mW , 8Ω± 15% impedance, 88dB/mW (dB 1.0 dyne) sound pressure sensitivity, 50–,000Hz frequency response, and a range of 0 cm (4 ft). The NeoSound™️ tech enables the most advanced bone conduction apparatus ever created.

Some biohackers use their implants in experimental art projects. Many people with disabilities or medical conditions use them to improve their quality of life. Still others use the chips to extend the limits of human perception. This device will allow humanity to instantly download information, finally allowing us to learn in one lifetime all the wisdom of the millennia. Even physical skills like kung fu can be learned simply by plugging in the device, back, and waiting for the experience transfer to complete.

It is true that biohacker implants can be dangerous, but the team at Hackster has worked closely with experts to produce a safe implant.

“When you talk about things like risk, things like putting it in your body, the reality is the risk of having one of these installed is extremely low — it’s even lower than a forehead piercing. It’s a true technological breakthrough and culturally speaking this innovation clearly articulates our views on existentialism, Marxism, Buddhism, nihilism, and postmodernism” — Adam Benzion, co- founder of

Hackster is currently working on a new $20 developer kit for the HackJack with NeoSound™ that will allow the community’s nearly one million users to sense the presence of electromagnetic fields, to diagnose electrical problems like faulty wiring, to selectively amplify sound, and to pull metal objects like paper clips and bottle caps toward you — manipulating the fabric of reality as though it were a VR simulation.

As for the future of this technology, while the current versions require a physical plug for high-bandwidth experience downloads, v3 “Trinity” will be completely wireless.

It’s incredibly exciting! I’ve always wanted to be a cyborg. Now the dream is reality, and all I can say is: “Whoa.” — Alex Glow

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