security for the of Things – Challenges in the utility, and traffic sectors and beyond

By: Arkessa

2, April, 2019


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- istock security - Navigating security for the Internet of Things – Challenges in the utility, financial and traffic authority sectors and beyond

security and reliability should be the most important considerations in
managing a device or eco-system, yet often companies developing IoT
solutions, applications or hardware find they need support to navigate cyber
security considerations and issues. Manufacturers have also tended to take the
view that cyber security is down to the carrier network provider leaving
security features to others to implement.

are sometimes wrongly made that security and reliability are greater with fixed
line services, rather than cellular. This can stem from concerns or knowledge
gaps around cyber security, and the idea that transmitting data through a fixed
wire is somehow safer, which isn’t true. Read on to find out why this
assumption could be putting your devices at risk, and how Arkessa makes
security one of the benefits of cellular connectivity.

In the UK, BT’s announcement of the withdrawal of all support for private wire services, analogue and KiloStream private circuits, by March 2020, has left critical UK industries searching for a replacement solution. Many companies rely on these services to control and monitor Critical National Infrastructure Services gas, water and sewage systems, electricity, ATM cash points and traffic lights. BT has confirmed that there is no current plan to develop an equivalent replacement system.

a like-for-like fixed line replacement would be an impractical and costly
option for many utility companies as most are setup to use analogue rather
newer digital networks. Furthermore, budget constraints and ecosystems spanning
millions of end-point devices make the switch out of a communication medium
incredibly complex.

utility sector is facing the challenge of how to react to the , and many
companies are turning to managed connectivity service providers like Arkessa
for help and guidance on how to navigate the changing landscape.

with managed connectivity service providers like Arkessa offers access to many
different communications networks delivered as a service model, keeping the
cost of transition low, without compromising on security and reliability

• ‘Single pane of glass’ portal providing a coherent picture and management of the connected estate accessed through industry standard multi-factor authentication

• Private mobile networks (APNs) linked to a customer’s own network to enable private end-to-end control of their devices and applications – keeping sensitive data well away from the public internet and out of the reach of hackers

• Data use alerts and caps, and the potential to lock down SIM capabilities to reduce security risks

• ISO27001 accreditation in information security management

• Managed connectivity solutions covering connectivity, hardware and professional services to cover surveys, installation and commissioning activities

• 24-hour support to keep devices running when the unexpected happens

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For more information on how Arkessa helps enterprises deliver secure and reliable network connectivity, please visit or get in touch on [email protected]. Arkessa will be exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo Global in Olympia London on the 25-26 April. Visit them at stand #165.

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