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A figure from Amazon’s hot air balloon patent issued this week.

This week’s show focuses on the tremendous amount of industrial news coming out of the Hannover Messe event held in Germany. We cover Microsoft and BMW’s Open Manufacturing Platform and the similarly named Open Industry 4.0 Alliance as well as the prevalence of 5G news at the show. After explaining what is going on in the industrial world, Kevin and I discuss a patent for silencing drones from Amazon, news on Google’s shopping partnership extension with Wal-Mart, and a new Google Hub. Kevin also shares his scoop on Google’s new Mistral board. We then discuss surveillance in smart cities before revisiting our answer from last week’s voicemail to add more ways to connect your smart blinds to Alexa.

This week our guest is Keith Kirkland, CEO of Wearworks, which makes a product called the Wayband. The Wayband uses feedback to guide visually-impaired people using feedback. Kirkland explains what his team learned about building a product, the opportunities offered by feedback and how other designers should think about adding feedback to their devices. And all of this started because he just wanted to build a suit that would help him learn Kung Fu. It’s a fun interview!


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