In this , you’ll learn to use 3 for creating an . is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat which is a popular form of communication to send text messages over the network.

How to Use Python to Build an IRC Bot?

Python IRC Bot Client  - Python IRC Bot Client - Python IRC Bot – A Hands-on Tutorial with Example

What is an IRC Bot?

A bot is a virtual assistant that emulates a user to provide instant responses. IRC bot is a type of network client that could be a script or a program that can relay messages using the IRC protocol.

When any active user receives a text from the IRC bot, it appears to him as another real user.

What can a Bot do?

The bots mimic a real user and communicate with other active clients. However, they can perform a variety of tasks:

  • Archive chat messages
  • Can parse Twitter feeds
  • Crawl the web for a keyword
  • Run any command if needed.

How to Implement IRC in Python?

For this, we’ll need a Python program that creates a client socket to connect to the IRC server. The IRC server performs a simple verification and connects without much hassle.

The script uses Python socket library to allow network communication. Check the below sample code.

import socket

ircbot = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

The IRC protocol is just a layer above the IP protocol and works over the TCP/IP stack.

We’ll need our program to exchange the following set of commands.

** Authetication **** USER botname botname botname: text
                      NICK botname
                      NICKSERV IDENTIFY botnickpass botpass
** Join Channel  **** JOIN

Bot Source Code

Class File:

First, you need to create an IRC bot class. Copy the below code and paste in a file and it as the

import socket
import sys

class IRC:
    irc = socket.socket()
    def __init__(self):
        # Define the socket
        self.irc = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    def send(self, channel, msg):
        # Transfer data
        self.irc.send(bytes("PRIVMSG " + channel + " " + msg + "n", "UTF-8"))
    def connect(self, server, port, channel, botnick, botpass, botnickpass):
        # Connect to the server
        print("Connecting to: " + server)
        self.irc.connect((server, port))

        # Perform user authentication
        self.irc.send(bytes("USER " + botnick + " " + botnick +" " + botnick + " :pythonn", "UTF-8"))
        self.irc.send(bytes("NICK " + botnick + "n", "UTF-8"))
        self.irc.send(bytes("NICKSERV IDENTIFY " + botnickpass + " " + botpass + "n", "UTF-8"))

        # join the channel
        self.irc.send(bytes("JOIN " + channel + "n", "UTF-8"))
    def get_response(self):
        # Get the response
        resp = self.irc.recv(2040).decode("UTF-8")
        if resp.find('PING') != -1:                      
            self.irc.send(bytes('PONG ' + resp.split().decode("UTF-8") [1] + 'rn', "UTF-8")) 
        return resp

After creating the network communication class, we’ll import t in our client and use its instance. We are designing a demo client so that you can understand it easily.

Our bot will send the “Hello!” message while responding to a “Hello” message on the channel.

Client Script:

Below the Python IRC Bot program to start the client communication. Create a new file, copy the code, paste it, and save as

IRC server usually runs on ports like 6667 or 6697 (IRC with SSL). So, we’ll be using “6667” in our sample. Also, you will need to provide a valid IRC Server IP or hostname to make this program run correctly.

from irc_class import *
import os
import random

## IRC Config
server = ".x.x." # Provide a valid server IP/Hostname
port = 6697
channel = "#python"
botnick = "techbeamers"
botnickpass = "guido"
botpass = "<%= @guido_password %>"
irc = IRC()
irc.connect(server, port, channel, botnick, botpass, botnickpass)

while True:
    text = irc.get_response()
    if "PRIVMSG" in text and channel in text and "hello" in text:
        irc.send(channel, "Hello!")

Please note that you can run the above program using the following command:


Hope, the above tutorial could help you build a more complex IRC bot with more features and usage.

If you wish to learn Python programming from scratch, then read this Python Tutorial.

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