Quantum (Booth SL4409) has announced the VS-Series, an efficient, flexible storage platform designed for surveillance and industrial IoT applications. It’s available in a broad range of server choices, suitable for deployments with fewer than cameras for the largest environments with thousands of cameras. Using the VS-Series, professionals can efficiently record and store surveillance footage and run an entire infrastructure on a single platform.

- image009 300x137 - Quantum Introduces Product Line Designed for Video Surveillance and Industrial IoT

Quantum’s VS-Series is available in a broad range of server choices, suitable for different-size deployments.

Need for a New Approach to
Surveillance and security operations continue to get more complex, with more cameras, higher-resolution imagery, and increasing data retention requirements. As buildings become smarter, everything from access control systems to lighting and HVAC systems are now connected – part of the of Things. There is an opportunity to simplify operations by consolidating and converging many applications onto a single platform.

Software Platform Designed for Video Surveillance
The VS-Series is based on the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform (CSP), a new software-defined storage platform specifically designed for storing machine and sensor- generated data. Like storage technologies used in the cloud, the Quantum CSP is software-defined, can be deployed on bare metal, as a virtual machine, or as part of a hyperconverged infrastructure. Unlike other software-defined storage technologies, the Quantum CSP was designed specifically for video and other forms of high-resolution content – engineered for extremely low latency, maximizing the streaming performance of large files to storage.

The Quantum Cloud Storage Platform enables high-speed video recording with optimal camera density and can host and run certified VMS management applications, recording servers, and other -control servers on a single platform.

Software-Defined Architecture for a Range of Deployments
The VS-Series product line is being offered in a variety of deployment options; software-only, mini-tower, 1RU, 2RU, and 4RU hyperconverged servers.

VS-Series Attributes:

  • Efficiency: Quantum’s VS-Series supports high camera density and software architecture that enables users to run their entire security infrastructure on a single hyperconverged platform.
  • Flexibility: The VS-Series is a software-defined platform which offers the broadest range of deployment options. Many appliances can scale out for more cameras or scale up for increased
  • Easy to Deploy, Operate, and Maintain: The VS-Series comes pre-installed with certified VMS applications, and can be installed and configured in minutes. It is backed by the world- class service and support of Quantum and our integrator partners
  • Resilience: The VS-Series software offers a fault-tolerant design to minimize hardware and software issues, designed to virtually eliminate downtime

The first products in the VS-Series to launch are the VST10x mini-tower appliances and the VS21 and VS24 2RU servers, available this quarter. Additional offerings will be available later this year.

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